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Color Drop was a solo project I made over a weekend as a portfolio piece. It currently has a five-star rating on the play store and I'm super proud of the work I was able to accomplish in a weekend.


Color Drop is an endless arcade mobile game where you collect orbs that match your color orb and dodge the rest! Be careful though your orb can change color at anytime. See if you can beat your high score and unlock new color themes in the theme store! Only the most galaxy brained of people can achieve the galaxy theme!

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My Role On The Project

This project was mainly a way for me to start getting experience in mobile development and to see how much I could accomplish in a weekend. I worked on everything in the game from art, sound and music to programming the game loop and store. Two new things I tried with this project include adding monetization and having server based variables. Having some variables sync with a server allows me to address balance changes without the need of an update to the game which was a super fun thing to work on and will be super useful for the future of this project. While the idea of the game is quite simple, I've thoroughly enjoyed playing and developing it. If you end up trying it out let me know how high of a score you were able to get!

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Color Drop: Pro Gallery


Try the game out with the button below!

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Full Sail University | Salutatorian

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