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Rubber Duckies


Three month long midterm project done in a group of 4 at Full Sail University.
Month one consisted of scrum practices and sprint planning. Month two was prototyping gameplay features and core mechanics and month three was polish and testing for bugs.


A 2D platformer where you collect duck bucks/goose gold in order to purchase Loot Eggs. Loot eggs will crack open and reveal a new duck that you can equip and use to combat the evil geese that invaded your pond. Fight through various levels defeating bosses, obtaining new ducks with new powers, and reclaiming what was rightfully yours!

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My Role On The Team

One of the features I worked on is a system to handle and implement unique abilities, visual effects and sound effects per duck. I also made all 12 duck abilities and effects. Some of my favorite duck abilities include the Time Traveler duck who can return to previous positions at the cost of his charge bar and the Speedster duck who can slow down time! I also built the system to unlock the ducks from the ground up, creating a loot box system that gives you different rarity ducks based on the percent chance of obtaining the duck. This also includes the inventory system that allows for you to view summaries about each duck and equip them. I also had a hand in the creation of a few of the levels and enemy types including the Gamma Geese which deal damage to you when you get close to them. The final feature I worked on was the different menu systems found throughout the game which include the main, shop/equip, pause, level select, loot box and death menus.

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Try the game out with the button below!

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Full Sail University | Salutatorian

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