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Dungeon's Delight was made during a week long game jam with a group of 5 friends, the theme of the jam was genre mash! We got 10th place out of 100 overall and 9th place for our theming. The theming score was based off of how incompatible your genres were. We chose to mix a dungeon crawler with a cooking game and are extremely proud of the results we got within the time of the jam.


In Dungeon’s Delight you play as a chef working at a tavern fulfilling customer orders. The problem is, your store room of ingredients has come to life! In this Roguelike dungeon crawler/Cooking Simulator you must traverse a procedurally generated dungeon full of various food enemies. Reuse their bodies for food resources to bring back to the tavern where you prepare the ordered meals. Hurry through the dungeon and don't get lost or your guests will lose interest and leave! Make enough money to pay off your debt from buying the tavern and you win the game! Beware brave chef! If you take too much damage you’ll die and lose the game, but you can always start over with a new dungeon!

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My Role On The Team

In this project I worked as lead developer/project lead. I organized the jam and orchestrated the use of scrum planning techniques to efficiently plan out everyone's sprints day by day. My first task as a developer was to create the procedural dungeon generation script. While the creation of this script did not take long, the fixing of bugs and performance work arounds cause by this ate multiple days worth of time. The main issue with it was the fact the dungeon was generated at runtime, which meant we couldn't generate an occlusion culling map for performance and we couldn't generate a navigation mesh map for the AI. I ended up having to make my own form of occlusion culling that culled all rooms not on camera and we eventually found a way to generate the navigation mesh at runtime via a work around. The next hurdle in the project for me was making the minigames for the cooking portion of the game. I tried making the minigames simple and easy to do due to the time constraints, but also had the tasks so that they were recognizable to the recipe and felt like cooking. With the cooking minigames came the creation of the inventory system, the UI to display orders and the whole customer order system with AI. I also worked on the main menu of the game and several other menus found through out the game.

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Try the game out with the button below!

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Full Sail University | Salutatorian

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