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Here are some of the graphics programming projects I worked on at Full Sail University.

Graphics: Text

Graphics I

In my graphics 1 class I was introduced to the world of graphics programming. We began learning the ins and outs of the Direct X 11 API in C++ and went on to begin writing our first shaders and rendering our first shapes onto the screen. We learned how to render models and textures with several different lighting techniques. Below is a gallery of my projects in order from the class.

Graphics: Image
Graphics: Image

Animation and Graphics Final

For the next graphics class we went a step further and started learning to implement animations. We were taught the basics on what makes up the .FBX file type, importing and how to handle the data. After that we began learning the basics into PBR rendering, implementing reflections, skyboxs, mini-maps, emission, near/far clipping planes and more.

Graphics: Image
Graphics: Image

Engine Techniques

Our final class that dealt with graphics/engine work was dev 5. In this class we were taught several different techniques used in the creation of game engines. Our first assignment in the class had us creating a particle effect system, we then moved on to creating forms of collision with AABBs (Axis Aligned Bounding Boxes). After that we worked on two different algorithms that are used in some forms of AI which can be seen on the left visualized by the green, red and blue matrix lines. The blue line is the forward facing direction and the matrix on the left is using the Turn-To algorithm. This algorithm allows for the matrix to smoothly follow the target, which in this case is the view frustum moving around. This algorithm is useful for AI in racing games allowing for the AI to navigate towards waypoints efficiently.  The matrix on the right is using the Look-At algorithm which makes sure the matrix is always facing the target. This algorithm is useful for billboarding textures or faking holograms. The final project we did in this class was rendering terrain files and creating an LOD (level of detail) system for the terrain.

Graphics: Image
Graphics: Image

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