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Retro: Showdown was made during a week long game jam with a group of 4 friends, the theme of the jam was side effects and we had to put a modern game on an old console! We got 19th place out of 141 overall and 9th place for our theming. The theming score was based off of how well we applied the side effects theme. We chose to put the game Hunt: Showdown on the play station 1 and for side effects we had the zombies bite's cause random debuffs and rare buffs. Our team is super proud of the product we were able to produce in a week.


Retro: Showdown is a survival horror game that takes influence from the modern title Hunt : Showdown and puts it in the style of a Doom-shooter on the PlayStation 1. Take over as a hunter and explore the land to find clues that will lead you to your prey. Will you die on the hunt, or live to die another day?

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My Role On The Team

In this project I worked as lead developer/project lead. I organized the jam and orchestrated the use of scrum planning techniques to efficiently plan out everyone's sprints day by day.  The features I worked on include the character controller and scripts, all menus, core gameplay loop, game manager, Clue system, Dark vision system and effects, Rifle weapon scripts, Item scripts, Options, Side Effects system and zombie difficulty scaling, setting up animators, tutorial and the Audio Systems. My favorite that I worked on would have to be either the dark vision system or the side effects system. Both systems I was able to flesh out fully and their additions made the game step up to another level. The game feel with the dark vision system matches that of Hunt: Showdown and I'm super proud of that. I was able to replicate all of the intricacies of the system and it turned out a lot better than we were expecting.

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Try the game out with the button below!

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